unagi aims to enhance the user experience through omnichain protocol. With unagi, you can transcend the boundaries between chains and experience integrated transactions and comprehensive asset management.


Here are unagi’s usability features.

To engage seamlessly in activities within one platform

To engage seamlessly in activities within one platform

unagi offers a cross-platform service, enabling users to engage in various activities within a unified platform. There is no longer a need to navigate between different chains and platforms to access scattered assets and services. unagi consolidates these fragmented actions onto one platform and provides inter-chain communication to empower the seamless operation of omnichain dApp. This includes services like lending and borrowing that require trust, approval, and verification from individual chains, as well as a wide range of other inter-chain services.

Completing complex transactions with just one action

Completing complex transactions with just one action

unagi addresses time and cost inefficiencies and trust-related issues associated with transactions spanning multiple blockchains. Users often encounter time, cost, and security challenges. unagi simplifies complex transaction processes to mitigate these issues, surpasses the limitations of traditional blockchain bridges and inter-chain interactions, and resolves concerns related to trust and usability.

Use assets from any chain freely

Use assets from any chain freely

By supporting inter-contents, unagi makes it possible to use NFTs issued on certain chains on dApps of other chains. As of now, dApps including games are still bound to certain chains, or seen as separate content even if they support multi-chain. unagi breaks free from this kind of isolated user experience, and provides users with ways to freely move and use dApp-related contents based on any chain.

Multiple chain assets in one wallet

Multiple chain assets in one wallet

Users can easily and flexibly move and manage your assets with one wallet. Fragmented wallet services and addresses scattered across various chains restrict your involvement in the blockchain ecosystem. una Wallet consolidates assets from all networks into one location for users to monitor and manage and also streamlines signature processes with the support of MPC technology.

Use Cases

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    Engage in various activities within one platform.

    e.g. On unagi, users can easily engage in various activities such as borrowing assets on lend&borrow platforms across different chains, using specific chain assets like Bitcoin as a collateral.

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    Efficiently exchange your preferred tokens at a low cost

    e.g. Complex processes like swapping coins held on a specific chain for L2 tokens on another chain can be streamlined into one step with one signature.

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    Enjoy the freedom of using your owned NFTs across multiple chains

    e.g. In unagi, games built on a specific chain can be enjoyed across different chains, and NFTs issued and owned within an existing chain can be seamlessly connected and used with wallet addresses on different chains.

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    Easily move and manage your assets.

    e.g. In unagi, wallet addresses on diverse chains like Ethereum, WEMIX, and Arbitrum are considered a unified asset that allows users to effortlessly transfer their assets to chains that provide greater benefits.


Structure of unagi

unagi 8Enables communication between Layer 1 and Layer 2, and provides technological basis for several convenient features.

unagi 0Forms a basis that connects Layer 1 chains and enables cross-chain interoperability.

Structure of unagi

unagi Feature Components


Linking different chains together as one unified chain

unagi facilitates communication among different chains by integrating various cross-chain messaging protocols and bridges.


An essential component for minimizing transaction fees

unagi utilizes omnichain to identify optimized transaction routes, enabling users to access their desired dApp functionalities with the lowest possible fees.


Multi-Party Computation

Solving the inconvenience of managing private keys and recovery phrases

MPC technology, which manages private keys through fragmentation, enables the implementation of convenient authentication methods like social logins of Web2.


Records inter-chain transactions

Meta-hash is used to store meta-transactions initiated on each chain onto una Chain, and the records are made public in a way users can easily view.

unagi standard SDK/API

Technology for the expansion of dApp ecosystems

unagi offers standardized SDKs and APIs for una Chain dApps, ensuring smooth access to the various supported chains.

EVM compatible

Easy adoption with EVM compatibility

The EVM compatibility of una Chain enables it to integrate seamlessly with the majority of existing dApps.