Unbound Blockchain Experience

unagi pioneers the mass adoption of blockchain by seamlessly integrating diverse blockchains and services.

Unbound Networking & Accelerating Growth Initiative

Introducing the core components of unagi, the service that transcends the limit of blockchain.

unagi zero background

The foundation that connects all flows into one.The foundation that connects all flows into one.

The foundation that connects all flows into one.

unagi 0 enables direct communication between chains by bridging various Layer 1 chains. unagi 0 acts as a core foundation of the unagi ecosystem by enhancing security, cost-effectiveness, and interoperability among chains.

unagi zero background

Accelerating the expansion of omnichain ecosystemAccelerating the expansion of omnichain ecosystem

Accelerating the expansion of omnichain ecosystem

unagi 8 facilitates communication between Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains, providing users with a range of essential features. It establishes a technical foundation to enhance transaction speed, enable gas fee delegation, and improve the user experience for complex and challenging cross-chain asset transfers.

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unagi chain logoUnagi Chain

Birth of Meta-transaction

una Chain is a network that records every transaction occurring through unagi 0 and unagi 8. All transactions histories between these chains are logged as meta-transactions and can be verified through one scanner.

unagi zero background

unagi Core Engineunagi Core Engine

unagi Core Engine

unagi(𝑥) is a decentralized omnichain messaging protocol that provides high accessibility regardless of on-chain and off-chain distinction, and truly completes unagi as a true omnichain. By supporting decentralized off-chain messaging, it overcomes the computational limitations of contracts operating on specific blockchains. Through the verification of multiple validators, it supports fast, secure, and reliable transactions across heterogeneous chains, multi-chains, and bridging the gap between on-chain and off-chain.


Introducing unagi’s core applications that expand user experience.

una Wallet

una Wallet

Experience a unified blockchain wallet that allows you to leave behind the complexities like gas fees, recovery phrase, and networks.

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una Swap

una Swap

Explore asset exchanges across multiple chains through various cross-chain protocols.

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una Scan

una Scan

Effortlessly and intuitively check transaction histories recorded on various chains.

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Supported Chains

Explore the blockchain networks shaping the omnichain ecosystem.

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